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"OpenRules has been around for a long time and has been one of the forerunners in support for decision modelling practices and with it being open source, there's a lot to recommend it as a tool, not just from a technical perspective but from the point of view that it's been developed by a team with a real understanding of the practicalities of modelling, not just a slavish adherence to a specification that has seen some tool vendors ignore business expertise in favour of purist technical interpretation and thus deliver something that has limited real-world value. The great thing about OpenRules is that its interface is Excel, which means that you can start creating decision tables straight away in a tool that most people will have, which ultimately is the quickest way to get to grips with how DMN works." Nick Broom

"I’ve used OpenRules in production systems and have already found it to be very intuitive. Now that the book is out, the overall learning curve has been simplified even further without unnecessary information overload. This allows anybody to quickly learn and become productive with rule engines based solutions in general and OpenRules specifically. For the latter, the book provides all the information necessary to package your OpenRules project as a ready to go, deployable solution" Erik Marutian, The Bank of The West, 2017

"Hello OpenRules, I am Business Rules Architect and I am very much interested in DMN… I am evaluating DMN implementations and Your one is one of the best ones!!!" Olli Rauhala, Profit Software, 2016

"In my opinion, OpenRules has the best technical support, which is very helpful in evaluation stage. We paid 50 dollars up front, but get much valuable advice. That is good" Zi, Gang, Developer at USPTO, 2014

"I would strongly advise use of a business decision analysis technique, like the Decision Model (TDM), and the use of a BDMS (for example, OpenRules) that allows business users to capture, validate and test their decision logic with minimal (but well specified) IT involvement." Jan Purchase, Solution Architect at Deutsche Bank, 2013

"Our experience with OpenRules has been largely positive. I have really enjoyed working with your product." Simon Liao, Software Engineer, Compressus, 2012

"IRS Management was satisfied with the services being performed by the Contractor and its staff members. No complaints about the key personnel working under this order. The overall performance of Dr. Jacob Feldman and staff on behalf of The OpenRules, Inc., was very good. This company would be highly recommended to work for the Internal Revenue Service in the future in regards to Machine Learning (ML) Models Performance in IRS Enforcement Programs." IRS Performance Report for the OpenRules contract, 2010-2012

"OpenRules have the most-aggressive approaches to business-expert authoring and typically requires less developer support than IBM ILOG, FICO Blaze Advisor, and JBoss BRMS" Market Overview: Business Rules Platforms 2011", Forrester Research, July-2011

"I believe that OpenRules Decision Modeling is exactly what we need to gain the upper hand over the 9000+ business rules in the system. I subscribed to OpenRules and I have worked my way through more than half of the tutorials. They are well written; easy to follow; and clearly demonstrate the declarative nature, traceability and clean interfaces of the implementation." Alex Karman, Chief Engineer, OGSystems, Jan-2012

"Thank you for developing such groundbreaking software capabilities Smooth Profit Accelerators, StephenKClark@yahoo.com, 2011

"On behalf of Larry Goldberg and myself, we are so thrilled with OpenRules-6 capability! It moves the business rules approach into the realm of decision management and up the organizational maturity level." Barbara von Halle, co-author of "The Decision Model", founder of KPI, 2011

"In addition to the very accomplished rules engine that is OpenRules, very convincing is the optimization tool, and automatic rules generation capability. These tools could be the foundation of automated test case generation, as well as the autonomic improvement of business decisions that we look for in level 5 of the Business Decision Maturity Model. The depth of the OpenRules product never fails to amaze me.Larry Goldberg, co-author of "The Decision Model", a partner at KPI, 2011

"The OpenRules engine is very intuitive, and powerful, at the same time. It enables our product specialists to implement new business rules themselves, in Excel files, as opposed to having to work with a software specialist, which inevitably takes more time. Furthermore, the support has been fantastic!", Peter Link, Regal Beloit Corporation, 2010

"Thanks so much for your help!  The support I get for this framework (for free!) was the deciding factor to go with this BRMS, as opposed to JBoss Rules/Drools, Jess, or ILOG JRules." David Rosenfield, The Lafayette Life Insurance Company, david.rosenfield@lafayettelife.com, 2010

"We use OpenRules as part of a hospital infection surveillance application, with rules designed to identify suspicious lab results based on a variety of clinician-defined conditions.  We found the tool easy to incorporate into our J2EE application and easy to customize. Our clients love the ability to compose rules in Microsoft Excel, a fact that is an instant hit whenever we demonstrate it.", Bimal R. Desai, MD, MBI, Pediatrician, Clinical Informaticist, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 2009

"The more I use OpenRules, the more respect and admiration I have for what you have accomplished.  Thank you for your prompt and cogent replies to every one of my inquiries!
" Christopher Skelly, Senior SOA/BPM Architect, Insight Resource, Inc., 2008

"The latest OpenRules advances allow us to dramatically minimize the size of our rules repository.  Rule templates become a blessing for our complex patent processing rules that have to support data streams from more than 80 different countries." Rex Bosma, Manager of Data Flow Operations, European Patent Office, 2008

"OpenRules is an example of a rules-based OSS BI application. It offers a methodology, along with OSS tools and professional services for business analysts rather than or in concert with developers. This is an interesting approach and an approach that will be important in the long run to grow all categories of OSS applications." Dennis Byron, Analyst, ebizQ, review "Open Source Business Intelligence Megatrends", 2007

"The biggest advantage of using OpenRules Engine lies in its flexibility to change the business rules in the Excel sheet at run time and have these reflected in the application – requiring no additional build, deployment or server startup. Add to that, the fact that it easily integrates with existing web applications also results in a smaller learning curve and easier adoption." P.N.Subramanian, pn.subramanian@gmail.com

"I enjoyed working with you and your software and I will definitely be looking for further opportunities to apply OpenRules."  Mark Holt, Lead Technical Architect, ABN AMRO, London

"Thanx heaps, you guys are really great and full marks for being Proactive!" Don Whiteside, Solution Architect, Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited, 2007

"I was investigating the use of OpenRules in an application and was very impressed with the flexibility and performance it provides. The ability to use a simple smart interface such as MS Excel to implement your rules and the ease of use with the Java API and conformance to JSR94 are all positives of the engine I would have no hesitation to recommend it to colleagues. Thanks for all the hard work." Harvey Raja, harvey.raja.uk@googlemail.com, 2006

"What a cool way of creating a comfortable middle-ground between business and technical rules-based development." Tim Rohde, E2P, 2006

"Thank you very much for your kind assistance. After applying the changes suggested by you, I was able to run my BEA application successfully. I am greatly impressed by the way support was provided." Nitesh Gautam, netgautam@yahoo.com, 2006

"Two factors make OpenRules immediately appealing - using Excel as the rules store and the excellent documentation available." Dammian Miller, http://shinetech.com/, 2005

"Wow! Excellent job. Now with OpenRules 2.1.0 , I'm able to compile and run the demos, both on Mac OS X and on Linux (Mandrake). As a test, I tried making some modifications to both the Java source files and the XLS file (using OpenOffice.org) in the HelloJava demo, and had no problems getting it to rebuild and run. Now that I can actually run the examples I can see that it's every bit as slick as I was hoping it would be. The distribution structure is definitely more multi-platform friendly. Kudos to the developers for making these changes so quickly." Steve Jakob, http://www.wideskies.ca/, 2005

"I am glad to report that problem was solved by your proposal and Japanese was displayed correctly. As the result, everyone can make a Web application in a Japanese environment by using OpenRules. We express our sincere gratitude for your cooperation." Hiromi Okada, http://www.blowline.co.jp, 2005

"It took me 6 hours total to integrate OpenRules with our Orion J2EE Server! I recall it took me 2 weeks to get the same rules going in ILOG!" Patrice Gagnon, http://www.bricsnet.com, 2005

"I like the way the decision table is incorporated in Excel." Prof. Jan Vanthienen, http://www.econ.kuleuven.ac.be/tew/academic/infosys/research/prologa/prologa.htm, 2005

"OpenRules enables GraphiteStore not only to be more efficient, but also to be more responsive to the constantly changing and expanding product lines.” Vladimir Novokhovsky, General Manager, http://www.graphitestore.com, 2005

"I've successfully deployed several Web services in an evaluation prototype using OpenRules 2.0, and defining datatypes in Excel. I'm interested in using pre-existing Java classes with the OpenRules decision tables and methods, to facilitate communication of the Web services with other services and components in the overall process." Paul R Camann, http://www.csc.com, 2005

"Exciting product. Hope that it'll be easy to use and that it'll become the de-facto business rules engine standard." Ravi Shanker, http://www.silterra.com, 2004

"Excited about such a simple interface for complex rules engine." Ramakrishna, 2004

"This is a great rule tool." Nguyen Tien Dung, CMC (ntdung-soft01@cmc.com.vn), 2004

"It's really good working rule engine." Janardhan, http://www.bodhtree.com, 2003