Step-by-Step Tutorials


The following tutorials walk you through all of the steps of configuring and developing simple applications such as "Hello Customer", in different Java-based environments from Google GWT to Spring Framework. After you learn how to build a basic application we explain how to externalize your business logic using OpenRules®.


  Decision Models: Developing Executable Decision Models with OpenRules®
OpenRules®-6 Tutorial: Clinical Guidelines
Connecting The Dots: How to develop connecting the dots systems
ORD ORD: Developing Web-based Questionnaires
GWT: Developing Web Applications with Google GWT and OpenRules®
OpenRule®s: Developing Web Applications with OpenRules® and Excel - Clinical Guidelines Tutorial
OpenRules® Forms: Developing Dynamic Web Applications with OpenRules® Forms - LoanDynamics
Tomcat: Developing Web Applications with Tomcat and OpenRules®
WebLogic: Developing Web Applications with BEA WebLogic and OpenRules®
Spring: Developing Web Applications with Spring Framework and OpenRules®
RAD: Developing Web Applications with IBM Rational Application Developer and OpenRules®
(contributed by P.N.Subramanian)
External Rules:
From DB
- From XML
- From Java
- From Excel Data
- From GUI

These step-by-step tutorials allow you to familiarize yourself with different Java-based  development frameworks and build actually working applications from scratch.  

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